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Auckland Under Floor Heating Experts

Never walk on cold tiles again!

Under floor heating gives you the ultimate luxury of walking barefoot on warm tiles in your bathroom or kitchen. Ask us about under floor heating for your tiled areas.

woman walking barefoot on warm tiles with under floor heating

Under Floor Heating

Under floor heating means you will never have to walk on cold tiles again! Heat is evenly distributed across your whole floor, being much more effective than a heater or fan.

Reduced Cold & Dampness

Warm, dry floor tiles in your bathroom or kitchen means reduced cold and dampness in your home. This significantly reduces chances of mould growing and radiantly heats those areas of your home.

Easy Control System

All our under floor heating systems are easy to control with a touch screen panel. Easily adjust temperatures and set timer to automatically turn on and off. Have warm tiles when you wake up in the morning!

15 Year Warranty

Our under tile heating systems all come with a 15 year warranty on the heating system itself and also our installation labour.

Reduced Heating Costs

Heat a larger area than an individual heater, and works at a lower temperature, so it could reduce your heating bills.

Experienced Installers

We have over 10 years experience and knowledge installing under tile heating in many Auckland homes. As with all of our services the ultimate care is taken to ensure the job is completed to an excellent standard.

Low Maintenance

Under floor heating very rarely requires any form of maintenance once it has been installed. This is the case for both electric and water based under tile heating systems.

Under floor heating installation process in bathroom in Auckland
Tiler installing tiles over under floor heating in auckland

Your Under Floor Heating Questions Answered

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