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We are certified waterproof membrane installers. We only use the best products on the market which come with a manufacturer / product and workmanship warranty.

Waterproofing for tiling

If you are considering tiling in any wet area you will need a waterproof membrane installed. We can advise what areas need waterproofing to meet the requirements. Waterproofing is a very important part of the whole bathroom tiling process and it must be done correctly and by a certified installer.

We are certified to install both Ardex and Mapei membranes for internal and external waterproofing. Hi Tech Tiling can provide producer statements for waterproof council sign off.

waterproofing for tiling auckland
Concrete and wooden floor surfaces before waterproofing preparation

Preparing for waterproofing

Before starting a job we will assess the surfaces where waterproofing needs to be completed before installation. In some cases the existing surface is looking a bit rough and not up to the standard requirement for application.

Whether it being a concrete or wooden floor, we will take the right steps to ensure the surface is a perfect  base for the waterproof membrane to bond to.

Your Waterproofing Questions Answered

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